Kindergarten Curriculum

Christ Light

Kindergarten will see the path of God’s Plan of Salvation as we see the beauty of God’s Creation, see how sin entered the world, and learn of God’s life-saving promise of a Savior. We will see how God protected the people from whom His Son would be born. The children will celebrate a Christ-centered Christmas. We will see Jesus’ ministry on earth and learn from Him love for each other and come to the knowledge that we all have been given the strengths and abilities to spread His Word and love. We will prepare our hearts for Good Friday and rejoice together at Easter seeing that our Savior conquered death and the devil. We are assured through His Word that Jesus is always with us, He has washed our sins away, and will take us to be with Him in Heaven.

Phonics/Beginning Reading


We use Saxon Phonics and Spelling which is based on an incremental phonetic development that continually reviews and builds on prior learning. The primary goal of the program is for all Kindergartners to be able to recognize and know the primary sounds of all the letters of the alphabet. Once they begin to learn a few letter names and sounds, they are given the opportunity to read. A controlled vocabulary containing the letters/letter cluster and sounds that have been learned is used to provide immediate reinforcement of concepts learned and ensures of continued success. Gentle practice and encouragement at home are fundamental.


The children will practice making introductions, follow directions, become familiar with nouns, verbs, parts of a book, kinds of sentences, rhyming words, positional words, main idea and details, adjectives, parts of a story, and sharing information.



We use Saxon Math, which is based on incremental learning and constant review. The children will identify, read, write and compare numbers to 100. They will become familiar with simple fractions, work with patterns, shapes, time, date, temperature, linear measure, weight, capacity, area, graphing and problem solving.


The children will study Life Science focusing on the use of the senses of touch, smell, see, taste and hear to appreciate the amazing God – given body. Earth Science involves the exploration of land, water, air, weather and seasons. Physical Science will concentrate on investigating matter, heat, light and how things move. Finally, through the Space and Technology Unit the children will explore the aspects of day, night and how things work.

kids-sitting-criss-cross_WhimsyClipsSocial Studies

The children will become aware of themselves as a part of God’s World, be introduced the their community, learn about the United States of America and some of it’s symbols, identify the globe, become familiar with a map, explore the various forms land and water take, become familiar with a calendar and identify changes when comparing the past with the present.

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