Grades 6-8


Grades 6-8 Calendar

Students in the six through eighth grade classroom will be studying the following curriculum areas this year

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Christlight (Religion Class)- Grades 7-8 will be reading and studying from God’s Word directly this year. Pastor Krause will be leading the bible study from Luke and Acts for ChristLight this year. Pastor Krause will also lead the Catechism study this year. Catechism studies the chief doctrines in the bible and is the focal point for 8th graders getting confirmed in the church.  Grades 5-6 will continue to study and learn about God’s Word by learning lessons from the Old Testament of the Bible. Catechism will also be taught. We will be using Part II of the “red” catechism book.

Social Studies-(Grades 5-8)

Grades 5-6 will be starting with Core Concepts of Geography and the Western Hemisphere countries. Grades 7-8 will study US history starting with the Reconstruction period and ending with the 21st Century current events.

Science-(Grades 6-8) This year’s theme focuses primarily with Life Science that is human anatomy and mammals. This year also will learn about sound and light. Here is a video with the kids studying the amounts of garbage at Zion for 2 days.


Reading-(Grades 5-8) Grades 5-6 and 7-8 will have separate reading classes.  Mr. Wilson will be the teacher. We will be reading 6 or 7 novels throughout the year to give the students an opportunity to experience the varied genres of literature. This year’s novels will have historical fiction, realistic fiction, and fiction taught with Word of God principles to combat world views, fantasy, and multiculturalism.

Language Arts-(Grades 6-8)

English class for grades six through eight consists of two major components: grammar and writing. In grammar, each student reviews and learns all the parts of speech. This includes nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions (and phrases), conjunctions, clauses, gerunds, infinitives, and participles. Grammar finishes with complete diagramming of sentences which includes all parts of speech. The writing component features the children writing with these topics for the following school year: creative writing, expository writing, and book report writing. The children will participate in two types of speeches: poetry reading, and storytelling.

Math-(Grades 6-8) Saxon Math Curriculum

Algebra I- This class is offered to any student who has successfully completed the Algebra ½ math course. This class will challenge any student, but also will give each student the opportunity to pass out of high school Algebra I with a quality grade, a teacher recommendation, and successfully passing the high school math entrance exam.

Algebra ½-(Course 3) This class is offered to any student who has successfully completed the Math 87 math course. This class will prepare each student for Algebra I here at Zion or in high school. This class is similar to any Pre-Algebra math class.

Course 2- This class is offered to any student who has successfully completed the Math Course 1.

Course 1- This class is offered to any student who has successfully completed Intermediate 5.

****Each student is placed into the correct math class based on ability and desire, not necessarily age or grade level.

Music Grades 6-8

The students will learn to develop their God given musical talents. The music curriculum consists of the following components. Pitch, Rhythm, Harmony, Timbre, Voice, Classical Composers, and Music in our Worship.

Art Grades 6-8

The art curriculum provides opportunity for the student’s growth in the following areas. Art Appreciation: Study of Artists such as O’Keefe, Van Gogh, Mondrain and Warhol. Practice and development of various media and technique such as: color, line, perspective, texture and contrast. Study of art from other cultures such as: Chinese painting and line design, origami, French sidewalk chalk art and Japanese paper cutting.


The studePowerPoint Presentationsnts will use MicroSoft (free version) Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher throughout the year. Students will use the interactive whiteboard and the teacher will use the board for teaching. Presentations will be done using PowerPoint for history and science classes. Mavis Beacon will be used regularly for typing class. Students will research using the Internet for reports and topics in class. Google applications will be taught and used with grades 5-8. The computer usage, including expectations of home usage, will be around 1-2 hrs per week. Video work is planned for this year.