Grades 1-2

1st and 2nd Grade Curriculum

Students in the first and second grade classroom will be studying the following curriculum areas this year:

Christ Light

Children will hear daily lessons from the Bible that are written for ages 6-8.  Through the lessons it is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will lead the students to know the spiritual truths, and to adopt spiritual attitudes and habits as part of their daily lives.  We alternate each year between Old and New Testament lessons.  Bible passages, catechism and hymns are incorporated into every lesson and assigned for memorization.  This school year the students will hear Old Testament lessons.

Social Studies

The students will learn about community, maps and geography, and have an introduction to facts of Colorado, government, U.S. history, and economics.  Social Studies is taught during first semester.  This year our focus will be on where we live, our earth, working together, U.S. history, science and technology, and geography.


The students will study plants, animals, habitats, life cycles, our earth, weather, human body, properties of matter, energy, movement, sound, and earth and space science.  These subjects are split into two groups and each group is taught alternately each year.  Science is taught during second semester.  This year we will focus on properties of matter, energy, movement, sound, earth and space science, and a special unit of study on fireflies/beetles.


1st and 2nd grade reading is taught separately, but each student is taught with books at his/her level. We incorporate phonics skills and language skills. We respond to the stories that we read and regularly monitor fluency, comprehension and accuracy.

Phonics and Spelling

The program teaches students how to read by introducing them to language in small increments.  Students are taught to “code” words by identifying the sound each letter/letter cluster makes, thus enabling them to read, and eventually, to spell, those words.  A series of spelling rules explaining typical patterns used to spell words is also taught.  Words that do not follow the spelling rules are displayed, learned, and listed in booklets students keep at their desk.


In English language we learn the basic grammar skills, sentence structure, punctuation, and how to write stories, reports and poems.  We practice what we learn through our writing assignments and in journals.


Saxon math is written so that children can constantly review what they have learned and apply it to math in future lessons.  We study addition, subtraction, problem solving, telling time, attributes, counting numbers, counting money, graphing, place value, calendar, fractions, geometric shapes, angles and second grade is introduced to multiplication and division.

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