Students at Zion Lutheran School receive a high quality, well-rounded Christian education.  Our curriculum evaluates each core curriculum in a cycle with a focus on one discipline each year. Zion’s standards incorporate the standards established by the Colorado Department of Education.

Zion teaches the following content areas:

Word of God

Bible History, Catechism, Hymn Study, Memory Work


General Mathematics, Pre-Algebra, Algebra

Language Arts

Reading, Literature, Phonics, Spelling, Grammar, Creative Writing

Social Studies

General Social Studies, U.S. History, World History, Colorado History, Geography, Civics, Current Events


General Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science

Physical Education

Fitness, Health, Movement, Sports Skills

The Arts

Music, Choir, Piano Lessons (optional), Visual Art


Computer Skills and Applications

Homework Expectations

Homework has been shown to be essential to learning, providing reinforcement and practice of classroom work and giving the parents the opportunity to participate in their child’s education. Homework develops important skills for high school and beyond such as responsibility, independence, and time management.

Achievement Testing

Zion Lutheran School participates in the Terra Nova achievement testing program developed by McGraw-Hill.  Students in the third  through eighth grades are tested each year.

To view and discuss class results from Terra Nova tests, please contact our principal here.