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Open enrollment for new students officially begins on 3/1/18. Applications received prior to that date will be held until that date.

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Zion also operates a parochial school for students in Preschool (ages 3 and 4), Kindergarten, and grades First through Eighth. Christ-centered education is the purpose of our school, but academic excellence is also a goal for which we strive. Zion Lutheran School exists to assist parents in the spiritual training and education of their children.

Students who would like to continue their Christian education at the high school level attend our area Lutheran high school, Rocky Mountain Lutheran High School (RMLHS). RMLHS is located at 10391 Luther Court, Commerce City, Colorado 80022.

Zion Lutheran School offers a quality education focused on Christ for students aged Preschool through Eighth grade in the Southwest corner of beautiful Denver, Colorado.


Zion Evangelical Lutheran School assists parents in training their children to know Jesus and live for Him.


Zion Lutheran School exists to ensure that all students receive the best possible education grounded in the truths of God’s Holy Word. Our school assists parents in the training of their children to be active members of God’s family now and for eternity. God directs us to “bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” (Ephesians 6:4b) Zion Lutheran School offers a quality education focused on Christ for students aged Preschool through Eighth grade in the Southwest corner of beautiful Denver, Colorado. Zion Lutheran School exists to assist parents in raising their children with the crucified and risen Christ at the center of their lives. We offer a low student-to-staff ratio and a school backed by the curricular resources and support of the 4th largest private school network in the United States. At Zion, we teach the unchanging Word of God backed by strong academics to prepare students for a life in the Lord’s service.


  • To teach children their need for a Savior and, through God’s Word, lead them to trust and believe in Jesus
  • To instill in students a desire to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word throughout their lives
  • To encourage students to show their faith in action through sanctified living
  • To provide a quality education, teaching each academic subject in light of God’s Word


Zion Lutheran School was founded in 1967 in a one-room schoolhouse as a ministry of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church. Our first school year, Zion served 21 students in grades 1 through 8. Since that time, by the grace of God Zion was able to construct a much larger facility, expanded to grades Preschool through 8, and offers an extended childcare program. For more information see our History of Zion Video.


Zion’s curriculum has been carefully designed to provide for the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical needs of every student. As a result, it reflects the requirements and standards of the Colorado Department of Education for schools in the state of Colorado. With the interests of our students in mind, the curriculum is evaluated and updated on a yearly basis by the faculty with the purpose of providing the best instruction possible.

The Word of God is the most important subject in our school curriculum. It is not only taught as a separate subject, but is also incorporated, where appropriate, in all subjects of the curriculum. It is our intent that students learn to connect and apply God’s Word to every aspect of their lives. For more information on subjects taught, see our Curriculum.