Who We Are

Zion Lutheran School offers a quality education focused on Christ for students aged Preschool through Eighth grade in the Southwest corner of beautiful Denver, Colorado. Zion Lutheran School exists to assist parents in raising their children with the crucified and risen Christ at the center of their lives. We offer a low student-to-staff ratio and a school backed by the curricular resources and support of the 4th largest private school network in the United States. At Zion, we teach the unchanging Word of God backed by strong academics to prepare students for a life in the Lord’s service.

Our Objectives

  • To teach children their need for a Savior and, through God’s Word, lead them to trust and believe in Jesus
  • To instill in students a desire to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word throughout their lives
  • To encourage students to show their faith in action through sanctified living
  • To provide a quality education, teaching each academic subject in light of God’s Word
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