Grades 3-5

Last full weeks of the quarter greetings to you from the Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade class at Zion Lutheran School.  As we enter this week after the Christmas break it is exciting to get back into the routines. As we come close to the end of the second quarter it is important to stay on top of our work.  One big thing I will be watching for is the Parent-Teacher Conference sheet. We will be assigning a conference time based on your sheet you have sent in. We will have these times assigned by the end of the week. The Final thing to draw attention to is the Report cards coming out on Friday.

This Week in Mr. Stob’s Class

ChristLight: The students will be learning about how God disciplines those who don’t give him the Glory he is owed.

Memory Treasures: Wednesday: Isaiah 43:11, Luke 11:28 Friday: Hymn 83 1,4   1,4,5   1,4,5

Language Arts: The Students will be doing the Unit 3 Week 4

Vocabulary: 3rd: effective, example, identical, imitate, material, model, observe, similar

4th and 5th: address, divided, haste, opposed, perish, proclamation, shattered, tension

Spelling: 3rd: misprint, misread, mistrust, misspell, mistreat, precut, preview, prepaid, preplan, preheat, distrust, discount, dishonest, discover, disable

4th and 5th: clams, mints, props, arches, dresses, parents, caves, glasses, hobbies, engines, couches, arrows, enemies, babies, ranches, patches, mistakes, supplies, mosses, armies

Math: The Students will be going through Unit 6 of Saxon math.

Social Studies: The Students will be studying the physical features of the Southwest Region.

Physical Education: The Students will be playing hockey.

Music: The Students will be introduced to a song they will be singing in church in a few weeks.

God Bless your week in the Lord.

In Christ,

Mr. Tom Stob

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