Weddings & Marriage

Marriage is one of the greatest blessings that God has given us in our earthly lives. Because God condones and blesses marriage, couples who are interested in growing together in Christ are welcome to speak to Pastor Treptow about scheduling a wedding ceremony at Zion.

Couples need not be members to be married at Zion. If you’re not a member, however, we do ask that you learn about our teachings by taking our basic Bible Information Course. At the end of the class, couples can decide whether they are interested in membership at Zion, but there is no pressure or obligation to join our congregation.

When couples decide to get married, they are deciding to take on many life issues together. We believe it’s important to learn what guidance God gives for life and marriage in his Word before entering a lifelong union with another person. Before performing a wedding ceremony, Pastor Treptow meets with the bride and groom for several pre-marital counseling sessions. This counseling allows Pastor Treptow to share Biblical concepts of marriage and to get to know the couple to be married.

If you are considering a wedding at Zion, contact Pastor Treptow as early as possible to check availability of the sanctuary on your wedding dates and to schedule a meeting.